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Zimo and Fudan College of Fudan University Signed “ Zimo Scholarship”Intention Agreement

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Zimo and Fudan College of Fudan University Signed “ Zimo Scholarship”Intention Agreement

人民网上海5月24日电  5月21日,上海子墨国际文化传播有限公司与上海复旦大学复旦学院的“子墨奖学金”意向协议顺利签署。同时,上海子墨国际文化传播有限公司乔迁至地处上海南外滩的临江大厦,新址迁至这样一个具有历史文化积淀和时尚气息浓厚的区域,意味着子墨开启了全新的发展里程。仪式上,子墨集团董事长洪俊表示,自己曾进入复旦学习。通过在复旦的学习提升,将理论与创办企业多年经验相结合,促使成功创办了具有全新发展理念的子墨国际文化传播公司。为回报母校,公司特别设立“子墨奖学金”,帮助和培养优秀留学生,助力中华文化在各国留学生中得到有效传播。 on May 24:    On May 21,“ Zimo scholarship”Intention Agreement was signed by Shanghai Zimo International Culture Communication Co., Ltd and Fudan College of Fudan University. Meanwhile, Shanghai Zimo International Culture Communication Co., Ltd moved to Linjiang Mansion near Southern Bound. The new address of Zimo with a strong historical and cultural heritage of the region means a new milestone in the development of enterprise. In the ceremony, the Chairman of Zimo Group Mr. Hongjun said, he learned at Fudan University before and established Zimo International Culture Communication Co., based on the Fudan learning theory and many years of experience. For repaying his alma mater, Zimo is creating a special “ Zimo scholarship”to help and train excellent overseas students and spread Chinese cultureto various countries.


In the signing ceremony, the Deputy General Manager of Beijing Huaxin Electronics Group Corporation, Mr. Li Weixing, the President of the International Culture Exchange School of Fudan University, Mr. Wu Zhongwei, the Vice President of Fudan college and Deputy Director of Office of Academic Affairs of Fudan University, Mr. Xu Ke, the Deputy Director of Foreign Liaison and Development Department of Fudan University, Ms. Liuli, and other guests made address. In addition, they gave a high evaluation for the efforts and contributions of Zimo to spread Chinese language all over the world.


Zimo Company was established in 2003. After exploration of thirteen years, Zimo transferredfrom conventional enterprise to internet education of Chinese language Successfully. With our country’s strategic guidance of "The Belt and Road, Chinese first", Zimo group united Beijing Huaxin Electronics Group, implementing the PPP model as mixed ownership of state-owned enterprises to boost public education culture. Zimo and Huaxin will promote Chinese language and spread Chinese culture to 65 countries of “The Belt and Road” with over 40 billion population. Currently, Zimo APP has now been issued on line and gained positive comments of the overseas students in China. 


      In the future, Zimo will also launch a series of Apps to advocate Chinese learning not only as a lesson, but also a fashion contained culture. So the excellent Chinese traditional culture will be inherited and enhanced.



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