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Mr Lee,weixin, chairman of the board
Watson Group was established in April 1988 with independent legal personality of the state-owned group, with total assets of nearly 30 billion yuan. Today, China has firmly secured second position  in the world economy, international influence and international status is increasingly significant, however, in addition to economic development, the influence of outstanding cultural heritage and the spread of more far-reaching significance is also very important. This year is the "Thirteen Five" plan the first year, and "One belt and one  road" in which the building is a very important element, along more than 60 countries, more than 40 million people how they can take this opportunity to develop a win-win? In addition to business investment, cultural exchange is more important, for our part, we must first "Chinese first."

Today I am very excited to see so many like-minded friends to participate in the Zimo company's activities . I believe in our concerted joint efforts, the future development of the Zimo company will be even better!

Speech by Zimo company Ltd..

Zimo company was founded in 2003, which lasted more than a decade of efforts to explore, from the conventional business development to the education industry, and is now committed to international education of Chinese Internet, which is not only the required age, but also in response to the call from the State Council "Mass entrepreneurship and innovation", spread Chinese by modern high technology  could can cause habits change, and let people with different races, different regions, different countries  can Chinese quickly.

Achieve bright future of Wherever a village on earth, Zimo Chinese i s with you.

Currently, Zimo companies and Beijing Huaxing electronic enterprise groups have a strong cooperation with mixed ownership  to boost public education and culture PPP model innovation, also to promote national strategy "One belt and one Road, the Chinese first" philosophy, to establish a "global village in Pudong Zimo "theme" international Chinese language education and international cultural exchanges. " Just think, if let "along the way" 65 countries, more than 40 million people have learned Chinese and make Chinese become the universal language, Chinese soft power obviously would have a solid foundation.
On specific business, Zimo company independently has developed  APP products that has already been on the line, Highly praised by overseas students by both Android and  Mac versions. Our partnership with Fudan University to "creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship," the students set up hands-on courses, practice base in the countrys birthplace of the new Silk Road---Yiwu, help students to get academic success by changing knowledge into capital.

The purpose of establish "Zimo Home" is  in order to promote the idea of "civilization, equality, fairness, integrity," to provide free services for international students by senior students to guide junior

Students learning and living.  Making  "Zimo home "into an unique cultural system of traditional Chinese cultural and NGOs run by international practice. This practice is not only the subject of sociology, social capital into economic capital, cultural capital, knowledge capital, but also to get excellent Chinese culture heritage in international students, so that the spread of Chinese culture, and became cooperation highlights between Fudan university and Zimo company.


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