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Tea Art Appreciation Class


Tea Art Appreciation Class


       From the early morning sunshine and rain, gurgling spring water, exquisite and delicate pots, and to the various styles of different regional customs, and from the vast tea plantations to the tea cups on the edge of lips, and to the depths of the soul for those experience ups and downs in life, a piece of tea leads us to wander through the world of tea, and feel both the art of tea and the essence of tea culture. Then making tea is no longer just a simple matter of putting the tea and pouring the water, but shocking and touching the spirit of the feast.

       Tea is an indispensable part of the daily life for the Chinese people. Chinese saying goes: "As soon as one begins a new day to open the door,  one must remember to prepare these seven things:  wood, rice, cooking oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea." Chinese people have this tea drinking habits which have been entrenched with the history by thousands of years.  Zimo Chinese would bring you to see different types of tea in the world , to taste all kinds of tea and to experience the variety of life.

      Brewing techniques and craft are particularly important, Zimo Chinese helps you to learn the program and action of tea art. Through the study of tea art, the daily tea-tasting will be like to enjoy a piece of art so as to enhance the realm of drinking. You can make a pot of good tea and know how to taste perfectly. You can go into the cultivation process of the heart by tasting tea,understand the perception of ups and downs of life so that the mind will be purified.

Let’s have a look at the Tea Art Appreciation Class set jointly by Zimo Chinese and Shanghai University.

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